ANBM Source is a online community for the Asian diaspora – Asian American, Asian Canadian, Asian Briton, Asian Australian etc.

We aim to promote and support Asian entertainment, we facilitate discussions for the members of our community, information is exchanged for the benefit of the Asian demographic worldwide whether it’s information on health care, cultural needs, social and political awareness.

Mainstream Media standards has continues to erode, the misinformation we consume on a daily basis is rarely questioned and the superficial images we are exposed to are unchallenged. As an ethnic minority living in a western mainstream society, the white media is a reflection of social and political mimicry where media diversity has failed to represent us with respect.

Thus the reason we exist…

Despite how TV, film, fashion mags, and news media stereotype them, Asians aren’t all:
• Kung fu masters, accented untrustworthy foreigners, terrorists, or evil gangsters,
• Sneaky dragon ladies, exotic, submissive sex objects,
• Asexual, or chauvinistic Asian men,
• Asian women who exclusively date White/Black men (as depicted in media), or who are oppressed.

The media still fetishizes Asian women and marginalizes Asian men, creating damaging stereotypes, racism, and self-hate for Asian youth.


ANBM Source is a non-profit organization, we are an online community of Asian, Asian Americans, Asian Canadians, Asian Britons, Asian Australians etc and friends. Some of us are directors, musicians, activists, politicians, educators, bloggers, talkshow hosts and other industry professionals.
Collectively we aim to promote and support Asian media, increase health and community awareness, strengthen and empower the Asian Political identity.
Media and society are a reflection of each other, as a minority ethnic people we are often discriminated, silenced and marginalized by mainstream media and western society. It is in our rights and responsibility to speak out against media propaganda, misinformation and political discourse and rhetoric hate towards Asians.



The name ‘ANBM’ was derived from a Facebook community named ‘Asians Not Brainwashed by Media’ founded by Alvin Lin in 2006 with the intention of leveraging social networks to educate and connect like-minded individuals.

After phenomenal membership growth, we were able to create a library of useful media information and discussions. It’s growing status eventually became a nexus for icons and activists within entertainment and media network.

Alvin has entrusted the current Facebook community to the current administrators, who have also created this website to take advocate and educate those outside of Facebook, for internet readers and supporters around the globe.


Feel like contributing to our cause?

There is always something you can do to help us:

1. The easiest thing to do is to promote our cause.
2. You may also link to our website.
3. Contribute by sending us your news, videos, photos & events.
4. Support our cause by donations!

Donations that will go towards hosting costs, ANBM is a non profit organization so all costs are covered by any means possible. What happens with my donations?