Asian female blogger calls out Asian women who just don’t want to admit that they have a white guy fetish

Eliza Romero is a fashion photographer and blogger who has written an article called Dear Asian Women, I’m Calling You Out On This One. 

In her post, she says that “every time an Asian woman complains that only white guys want to date her and that white guys fetishize Asian women, it usually turns out that she herself has only dated white guys. Interesting how that works, right?”



She also a few theories on the dynamics of Asian women living in Western society:

1. Asian women experience a much greater amount of privilege in a white-dominated society than Asian men, specifically lighter-skinned East Asian women. 

2. Asian women have been societally influenced to think that white men are more attractive than Asian men because western media has emasculated Asian men.

3. Certain Asian women just don’t want to admit that they have a white guy fetish so they put the blame on the dudes. 

I certainly don’t disagree her there. Her theories are not new, and have been echoed for many years around various Asian activist groups/platforms. Nonetheless, it’s always refreshing to hear an Asian woman reaffirm it.

She concludes by saying:

Beauty is a social construct that is amplified by pop culture. Many times, the same women who make these complaints about white men having an Asian fetish are the same women who decry the lack of diversity in fashion and entertainment. I’d like those women to zoom out and take a look at their own personal choices.

You can check Eliza Romero’s photography on her Instagram here.