The largest Tech company in South Korea has a female CEO

Naver, the biggest tech company in South Korea, has brought on Han Seong-sook as its first female CEO, according to Forbes.

Han, who led search quality and general management at  Naver, is also the first non-engineer to lead the tech company. Seen as rational and passionate, the 50-year-old is said to know all 2,400 employees by name. Her alertness to the evolving demands of the tech industry apparently helped the tech giant find growth and global momentum.

She stresses the importance of Naver forming a sense of responsibility and mission to become a technology leader. She is leading efforts to step up support for creators and small businesses, vowing to provide user-friendly services and step-by-step programs.

The CEO also credits her success to the fact that she’s a workaholic:

She admits that being a workaholic has helped her get where she is today. With no husband or children, she is said to be married to her job. When the magazine asked how she was able to continue innovating for 27 years, she joked, “Well, because I’m single? I think it’s important to have nothing else to do but work.”